Never mind the quality, feel the cash

jim jefferiesJim Jefferies still has concerns over the plans to restructure the SPL after attending Thursday's meeting at Hampden. Jefferies fears for the standard of football if the top flight is reduced in size. The plans are to reduce the 12 team league to ten from season 2012-13 which would mean that season 2011-12 would see three sides relegated from the top flight to a 12 team SPL 2

Jefferies said: "The quality of the football wasn't talked about, it looks to me like it's heavily backed purely on finance. Finance is a major part of the game, it's what drives it forward to get more money into the game. Maybe there's more drama and tension in a 10-team league, but we've already got drama and tension. I've never been a supporter of a 10-team league, I think there's a few managers that aren't, a few clubs that aren't. Whether the quality of football will improve, I'm not so sure. We'll have to wait and see, because nothing's been decided."