Laszlo hits back after Jefferies rant

Jefferies has since stepped into the breach but the former Kilmarnock boss has warned he will struggle to generate results with the playing staff at his disposal.

He believes Laszlo was fortunate to win games during his 18 months in charge and insists a complete overhaul is required if the club are to kick on in the future.

Laszlo, though, feels the results he achieved during his days with the Edinburgh giants cannot be questioned and is adamant Hearts are in good shape heading forward.

He said in the Daily Record: "I don't like to speak about colleagues in the media. To me, it's not right that other coaches or players attack each other. I was not sacked for football reasons.

"I left the club in fifth place in the SPL. Last season we finished third and I was voted as the manager of the year. The facts speak for themselves.

"If you look at any big club, they are judged on results. People won't look back in years to come and say, 'They didn't play outstanding football in that game'. They will ask, 'Did they win?'.

"I don't think we played bad football. During the 18 months I was in charge Lee Wallace made his debut for Scotland, Andy Driver made his England U21 breakthrough, Arvydas Novikovas with Lithuania and Eggert Jonsson with Iceland.

"I don't think the players would have received that recognition for playing bad football."

Meanwhile Laszlo is confident he will win his battle to claim the cash he says he is owed by Hearts.

He still had 18 months to run on his contract when he was sacked and, despite insisting he has no ill feelings towards owner Vladimir Romanov, he remains determined to claim compensation.

Laszlo told the Scottish Sun: "I've already taken the necessary actions. My contract is clear. With my manager and lawyer we made a detailed contract.

"It covers details about what happens in the case of a sacking. Hearts know this because they signed it too. I had to make sure the club would proceed according to my contract.

"Theoretically it's possible for them to break the promise of my payment owed but I didn't give grounds to it and the club didn't make a concrete statement about this.

"The reason of the break-up is inexplicable and the timing was weird too but I'm not mad at the owner.

"I've already wished them luck. We knew we were in a difficult situation but we gave our best."

Source: Team Talk