Jefferies wants attractive Hearts

"They were certainly programmed to play a certain way, people weren't enjoying watching," Jefferies told BBC Scotland.

"I've got to try and win games but get them to be worth watching. The fans can go away happy today."

Goals from Callum Elliot, Suso Santana and Ian Black put Hearts 3-1 ahead before Pedro Moutinho's consolation strike, with David Kucharski having scored an own goal for Falkirk's first.

"They started the second half a little bit better than us, but once we got the second goal, we regrouped and got it again," said Jefferies.

"And I thought after we went 3-1 up, it was our best spell. For 10 minutes, we passed the ball and once we got the confidence back, we played some good stuff.

"We got a response from the players and they tried to pass it and I think the fans will be encouraged by that.

"It was nice to see them working hard for each other at the end there. They were chasing everything and were determined to get the win.

"It was just great because the most important thing today was the win."

Former Kilmarnock boss Jefferies was well received by fans before his first home match since his return to Tyncastle.

"Every time I came here, even with Kilmarnock, they always gave me a great reception," added Jefferies.

"But it's not about the past, it's about now trying to get the club a bit of success for the length of time we're here and we're going to have to do it, maybe just a little bit differently from what's been done in the past in terms of how we're going to play.

"There is a lot of room for improvement and hopefully the players will respond so that it'll make my job a little bit easier in the summer because that's when we need to add two or three plus get some of the injured players back and, if we do that, we'll be alright."

Source: BBC Sport