Jefferies raging against the officials watches

Jim Jefferies was far from happy with the amount of extra time played in yesterday's lunchtime game against Rangers. He was also unhappy with the free-kick which led to the goal from Steven Naismith which took the points along the M8. He said: "I've got no complaints about the efforts of my players. We got the goal and it was so frustrating that their first goal came from a wall that didn't do its job properly. I was a little bit aggrieved at a couple of things, we didn't think there should have been five minutes and then the free-kick that was given that allowed Rangers to break for their second goal, both players' legs were at the same height and we were the ones pulled up for it. I feel gutted for the players because I didn't think they deserved to lose."

Meanwhile, the club could face an investigation after missiles were thrown on to the pitch after Naismith's strike. Assistant referee Willie Conquer is believed to have been struck by a coin, while several other items, including lighters, were thrown and given to match delegate Willie McDougall. Jefferies, watching from the stand today, was unaware of the incident, admitting: "I didn't see that. That's something for the delegate to sort out."