Jefferies knows how to play the game

Jim Jefferies 4Hearts take on St Johnstone on Saturday with the sides meeting following contrasting fortunes in midweek. Hearts beat Celtic 2-0 at Tynecastle while St Johnstone were on the wrong end of the 4-0 result from their game against Motherwell. You may have missed the fact that Hearts won on Wednesday with the media spotlight firmly placed on opposition manager Neil Lennon and his views on the decision makers for the game. However, those of a maroon persuasion will be full of expectation that there will be a third win in a row on the record books following the end of the game against the Perth side.

Jim Jefferies was actually seen smiling as Wednesday's game drew to a close and this is something we want to see more of. He has managed to get his side playing well despite the restrictions he will have to deal with while working for Vladimir Romanov. While previous managers appeared to have difficulty with living and working within these constraints imposed from Lithuania, Jefferies knows all about working within meagre resources. He just shrugs his shoulders and gets on with it. He may not like the situation but he appears to know that he who pays the piper calls the tune. Jefferies is nobody's puppet and I am sure he makes his views clear in the appropriate situation. However, a united front for public consumption allows football to be talked about rather than off-the-field activities at Tynecastle.