Jefferies close to new signings

The Tynecastle boss, like Laszlo before him, is desperate to add a new striker and also a young attacking midfielder from the lower Scottish leagues. Plymouth forward Alan Gow has been among those linked.

Laszlo repeatedly voiced his displeasure at a perceived lack of backing from his board but Jefferies appears to have had more fruitful talks with owner Vladimir Romanov.

Jefferies, also hopeful of retaining defender Jose Goncalves beyond the midnight deadline, said: "Most of my time has been spent on the phone.

"I've made a lot of enquiries, but this is a difficult time to get players because clubs are very reluctant to let go.

"But we've been making enquiries and are waiting on answers. I don't have a lot of options in attack.

"I've had a talked to the owners and they are in agreement there a couple of areas I'd like to strengthen.

"I'm also looking at a midfield player to support the front players, but they're not very easy to get.

"There is something imminent on that side I'm hoping can be concluded on Monday. It's something I've done in the past here, going down the divisions and looking at a youngish player.

"I've thought there is an opportunity to get him now, but there is competition from a couple of other clubs."

Source: Team Talk