Csaba's Sends Clear Message To Rangers, Celtic & Aberdeen

Last updated : 15 October 2009 By hearts-mad newsroom
However, the Hearts manager does not believe that by simply walking away problems will be resolved.

We must search deeper," he said at this morning's pre-match news conference. "Sometimes if you would like to change something you must know that you can destroy a lot of things.

If you destroy you need to know how long to build up. "I personally like to play in a league in which you have a big competition, people coming in the stadium for my team and the opponent teams. It is interesting for Scottish football to know that this club is from your country.

 "I think at the moment we must make the league bigger, not smaller and weaker. "The problem in Scottish football is deeper. I know we can come out, but to run away from the problems is maybe not the best solution.

"Every club has to make a decision. I read that Aberdeen would like to go to the Premier League. "You know, I would like to play in the Scottish league with my team. It is my problem to be better, to bring better performances, to bring players from the academy and help the national team.

"The rest is for the other Scottish clubs. You must ask Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen why they would like to go out."

In essence, the manager is tired of hearing people downplaying the game in Scotland. "We must have not problems but solutions," he continued. "We must make Scottish football more attractive for sponsors and supporters and for the national team to play more successful football in the big competitions like Poland/Ukraine [Euro 2012] and to bring more and players with names back to the Scottish league to make the league more attractive.

"For this I work and for the other things I don't care."