Vladimir - a no nonsense businessman

As saddened that we are, the loss of George Burley is a tough one to take, let’s all take stock and assess the situation.

Last year, we were under the dictatorship of Chris ‘pieman’ Robinson, mid-table, about to lose our beloved home to Cala homes. We were purchasing dead-end free bosman players to keep the ship upright, and above all else, in debt to the tune of £20 million.

In other words, going absolutely nowhere.

In steps a millionaire Lithuanian banker by the name of Vladimir Romanov. The sceptics were in overdrive. Most still are. But we Hearts supporters are living the dream. Top of the league, 11 games in and undefeated. What’s so sceptical about that? Mr Romanov may have plans other than Hearts FC in Scotland. So what? He is a businessman. His interests are his business.

Look at some of the particulars since he took over Hearts:-

1) He promised to keep us at Tynecastle – Job done.

2) He promised to service the debt through his own bank – Job done and is reducing as we speak.

3) He promised the league title within 3 years – 11 games in, Job almost done!

4) Champions league football within that said 3 years – see above!

All in all, Vladimir Romanov has Hearts FC in his best interests. Whatever happened between him and George Burley, no-one may ever know. What we do know is that George Burley is FAR easier to replace than Vladimir Romanov.