Fans must show Romanov they are no soft touch

There was still over a quarter of the game left on Wednesday night when Gorgie Road became heavily congested as the Hearts fans rushed to escape the horror show which had unfolded before their very eyes.

The Jambos capitulation at home was too much for most fans to take, and as the goals started raining in, in a goal glut for the Gers, supporters voted with their feet.

This was indeed a terrible performance, not the first of the season, although it also had the sense that it was more than that. With the sale of top scorer Andrius Velicka effectively signalling the throwing in of the towel, this was in essence a meaningless game for the Jambos.

With Hearts 2-0 down and looking like they couldn't buy a goal, Velicka was paraded at Half Time as if to rub the supporters noses in it.

The biggest problem at Hearts, and there are quite a few, is the fact Romanov's actions hold no concequences.

He can do whatever he likes, and, thus far, the loyal fans have kept his machine rolling along quite nicely. So why do people expect, or hope for him, to change?

There isn't really much doubt that until fans stand up for themselves, nothing
will change. He will not invest money in the team. He will not appoint a manager. He will not attend matches. Why? Because he doesn't need to. The fans will line his pockets anyway. They will renew their season tickets - that is what real fans do, isn't it?

I think that while Romanov's credability in Scotland has been virtually nil for
quite some time now, the Hearts fans, as a whole, haven't covered themselves in glory either. We have just sat back and let this clown walk all over us.

That is why he won't change, no matter how many supporters trust letters he (or more likely his receptionist) receives, and chucks straight into the bin.

Voting with your feet is the only power you hold over Romanov - you should use it wisely.